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Where Quality Care Meets Affordability, & Saving Lives is Our Commitment!

At Kauvery Hospitals, we're not just another healthcare provider. We're your dedicated partner on your journey to health and well-being.

What makes Kauvery stand out? Our commitment to quality care at an affordable rate sets us apart, making us the choice of discerning patients looking for premium healthcare without breaking the bank.

Let us tell you what makes Kauvery Hospital a beacon of hope and healing. We don’t simply claim it, we vouch for it.

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Saving Lives, No Matter What

When it comes to saving lives, we stand unwavering. We never turn anyone away, regardless of their background or financial status.

At Kauvery, saving lives is our top priority. We believe in giving life first, and then we assess the rest. No one is denied treatment at our emergency doors. No negotiations for advance payments, no claiming of money for emergency treatment in the unfortunate event of a loss. We understand that patients may not always have money at the ready, and treatment is never delayed because of it.

Kauvery stands on the principle of never denying treatment to those in need. Our focus is clear – saving lives, no questions asked.


To be the most respected and trusted healthcare provider


C- Continual Improvement

H - Heartfelt Personal Touch

E - Ethical

E - Empathetic Care

R - Real Accountability

S - Service Excellence


To make great healthcare affordable

A Legacy of Excellence and Dedication

Our journey began in 1999 with a humble 30-bed hospital in Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu. Founded by Dr. Chandrakumar and Dr. Manivannan, Kauvery Hospitals was born out of the need for exceptional critical care.

Dr. Chandrakumar, an anaesthetist, was once a freelancing anaesthetist constantly on call, never refusing any case. He didn't want to be dependent on surgeons or smaller hospitals. So, he along with some of his friends embarked on the construction of Kauvery Hospital. What started as a 30-bed survival venture soon expanded to 100 beds and now, we’re a 2500 bed facility. They faced the challenges head-on, building Kauvery into a thriving healthcare institution, even in the presence of formidable competitors in Chennai.

From a modest medical centre, we've evolved into a cutting-edge family hospital with a vast network of 11 hospitals across 6 locations. Today, we offer best-in-class medical services and have already touched 80 lakh + lives and conducted 48+ life saving surgeries.

About Kauvery Journey

Transforming Patient Experience

At Kauvery Hospitals, we embrace the 5S methodology as an essential component of our administrative framework. This systematic approach helps us reduce non-value-adding activities, minimise waste, and achieve cost efficiency in all our services. We focus on reducing patient waiting times to ensure your satisfaction, engaging our employees at all levels, and fostering strong leadership among our staff. The values of 5S are ingrained in our work ethic, promoting self-discipline and teamwork among our dedicated team. Our goal is to create a stress-free work environment, not just for our staff but for all those who entrust us with their care.

Your Family's Health Partner

At Kauvery Hospitals, we consider every guest as a part of our extended family. Your family's health is our top priority, and our family of top doctors is here to guide you on your journey to better health.

Join Us on Our Mission to Exceptional Healthcare

Our journey has been marked by excitement and promise, and as we continue to grow, we invite like-minded colleagues to join us in our mission to provide exemplary healthcare services that go beyond the ordinary. At Kauvery Hospitals, your health and wellness are our utmost priorities.

We’re Kauvery, we’re family!

Why choose Kauvery?

At Kauvery Hospitals, we are committed to delivering exceptional healthcare that you can trust. Also, we believe in making you EXPERIENCE premium healthcare before taking pride in it. Welcome to a journey towards wellness that puts your care, safety and satisfaction on top priority!

Here's why you should believe in Kauvery and choose us as your healthcare partner-

Meet Our Visionaries

Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality. - Warren Bennis

At Kauvery Hospitals, our environment to grow is led and nurtured by men of such vision. Who seek to take the Group’s vision to another level and bring fruition to it. Turn it into a reality for all to accept and use.

Our stalwarts whose names you read below are the men of steel with hearts of gold who steadily grew our combined vision from something small to everything admirable. As we move from decade to decade, they translate the will of the hospital group to their colleagues and peers, so that the chain of the Group’s philosophy lives and breathes with us.



Founder & Executive Chairman, Kauvery Hospital



Founder and Managing Director, Kauvery Hospital



Executive Director, Kauvery Hospitals ( Bangalore and Hosur)


Over the years, we have honed our skills to a fine art. And the proof is here for you to see. We have been winning prestigious awards year on year in coveted categories. From 2001 when we won the Best Multispecialty Hospital Award to the Times Health Achievers Awards and the Hindu Doyens Guardians of Health Care in 2018, we are proud to have a rich haul of appreciation and love from dignified and reputed organizations.

With every recognition we’ve won, the bar rose for us, and today, we are proud to say that we are head and shoulder above our peers. Put it down to our commitment and zeal to excel.


Kauvery Accredit
Kauvery Accredit
Kauvery Accredit
Kauvery Accredit


  • Times Health Achievers Awards – Tamil Nadu, 2018

    - Best Multispecialty Hospital - Rest of Tamil Nadu (ROTN)

    - Best Speciality (ROTN) - Cardiology & Cardiac Surgery

    - Best Speciality (ROTN) - Neurology

    - Best Speciality (ROTN) – Orthopaedics

  • The Hindu - The Doyens Guardians of Health Care, 2018
  • IDC Insights Awards - Excellence in Operations using digital platform, 2017
  • Data centre Summit and Awards - Data Security Category for the 3rd Edition, 2017
  • TRESCON - Big Cyber Security Show awards, 2017
  • FICCI TNSC & Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Tamil Nadu - Best Private Hospital Award, 2016 -17 TISS Leapvault Award for L&D excellence - Best Safety/ Risk / Policy compliance Training
  • FICCI - Pioneer in Healthcare in Tamil - Nadu, 2013 - 2014
  • Consumer Council - Best Cancer, Heart & Trauma Care Hospital Award (Tennur), 2006 – 2007
  • Lions Club, Trichy - Best Heart & Cancer Care Hospital Award, 2005
  • Dinamalar - Best Accident & Emergency Care Hospital Award, 2003
  • Consumer Council - Best Multispecialty Hospital Award, 2001


We operate in an atmosphere of learning and giving. We learn from our and others’ experiences and do a better job each day. And we give our best knowledge and experience to our patients, day in and day out.

We have performed some landmark procedures as listed below. For us, each one is special, important, and cutting-edge because we invest our everything in it to restore the patient to good health and keep him pain-free. Tall orders, we agree, but where excellence is a habit and a prayer, we do them painstakingly and perfectly.


  • 2000+ Neuro Procedures
  • 2500+ Cancer Procedures
  • 2000+ Gastro Procedures
  • 2000+ Joint Replacements
  • 500+ Kidney Transplants & Procedures • 60000+ Dialysis | Kidney Procedures
  • 11000+ Heart Surgeries
  • 10000+ Coronary Angiograms
  • 2500+ Coronary Angioplasty
  • 5000+ Open Heart Procedures
  • Approved Centres for Heart & Lung Transplants


  • Complex, 7-hour organ transplant performed on a 7-year-old boy with advanced kidneyfailure owing to a recurrent urinary tract infection. Upon admission the patient weighed little over 15 kilos with kidney function of less than 5%. A particularly challenging case, requiring post-op care of 7 days, and culminating with the child returning to a normal and healthy childhood.
  • A 103-year-old man is brought into Kauvery Hospital with a broken hip owing to a fall caused by osteoarthritis. Given the advanced age of the patient and the severity of the fall, this was a complicated case, and within 5 days of surgery by the ortho-geriatrics team, the patient walked out of the hospital.
  • An international patient arrived, suffering from pain on her left leg due to injury. After a series of tests, and x-rays, her surgery was planned and performed, allowing her to give-up her wheelchair and leave the hospital walking.
  • A Bangladeshi national had a spine problem in his L4-L5 which needed attention. Dr. Aravindan immediately admitted the patient and performed the surgery within 2 days. The spine injury was rectified, and he now leads a healthy life.


Kauvery Hospitals Healthcare Systems (KHHS) is a corporate entity that pledges to serve patients by providing them with the highest standard of healthcare that reflects our mission statement :

To make great healthcare affordable

While our core CSR initiatives focus on social and environmental solutions, yet we give equal importance to the interests of our stakeholders—our customers, shareholders, employees, business partners, suppliers, and local organizations.

Our CSR policy and its activities are created to be people-centric. We focus our attentions on providing the poor and marginalized sections of society with basic and affordable healthcare and thus align our CSR strategy with our vision and objectives.

Government of Tamil Nadu
  • A non- profit joint initiative with the Tamil Nadu Skill Development Corporation (TNSDC), "The Apex Skill Development Corporation in Healthcare".
  • First of its kind public-private partnership between the government and a private healthcare provider in the state.
  • To up-skill, reskill and cross skill around 35,000 healthcare workers across thestate in over a period of two years.
Hosur Industries Association (HIA)
  • Active management committee member
  • Participation in Polio Eradication Programme through Rotary International
  • Volunteered in Tree plantation drive

Provided extensive support during the pandemic through “Kauvery COVID Care Centres” by converting hotels into healthcare facilities and treating hundreds of needy patients across our hospitals.

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