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Care For Your Newborn

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From the day your baby is born to the next 28 days is a highly critical period for him. This is called the neonatal period.

At Kauvery Hospitals, we ensure that you and your baby get the best care. We also ensure that we are with you every step of the way, to teach you all you must do to keep your baby healthy and happy.

How to Care for Your Newborn

After the baby is born, the doctor examines him. His airways are checked for any obstructions. Mucus found in the mouth or nose is siphoned out. The umbilical cord is cut and the baby's weight taken.

Next, the baby is wiped clean and given to the mother for breastfeeding. The baby's overall medical condition is checked by conducting the Apgar test. This test shows the baby's heart rate, skin color, respiration, and reflexes.

Physical Exam

Next, a physical exam of the newborn is done where the following are checked:

Vital Signs

The baby's heart rate, temperature, and breathing rate are checked.

Birth Weight

The nurse weighs the baby and records his weight.


The nurse also measures the baby's length and head circumference.

Head and Neck

The doctor examines the head to check for soft spots and overall shape. He also studies the face and neck for bleeding, swellings, and deformities.

Abdomen and Genitals

The doctor also examines the baby's abdomen and genitals. He ensures that these body parts' size, position, and shape are perfect.

Heart and Lungs

The doctor checks the baby's chest for heart murmurs or any abnormality in the chest area.


The doctor checks the baby's limbs for any physical defects.


The baby is kept under observation lest he displays a bluish discoloration which means poor blood circulation.

Babies' immediate care in the hospital soon after birth is critical to their overall health. This period is also the beginning of a mother-baby bonding which is best through breastfeeding.

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