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Critical Care and ICU

At Kauvery Hospital , the Department of Critical Care and ICU unit, is led by a multidisciplinary medical team and is designed to care for persons suffering from life-threatening diseases and conditions.Our team of experts is experienced in carrying out life-saving surgeries and is available 24x7 to patients in need of urgent medical attention. The doctors in the ICU and critical care unit do a preliminary diagnosis in a time-sensitive condition, handing each patient off to a specialist who will continue the treatment.

Infrastructure & Technology

We have an exquisite Critical Care and Intensive care unit that provides a high level of bedside care owing to a dedicated team of critical care nurses, physiotherapists, nutritionists and other supporting staff. At Kauvery Hospital, we have advanced monitoring technology to watch out for timely care and improvement of the patient's condition ensuring the best critical care. We have all the expertise and technology to make life-saving medical decisions.

Furthermore, the Department of Critical Care wards are well-maintained with high-precision monitoring devices, strict infection control methods, innovative technology, and a staff of critical care professionals to guarantee that Kauvery Hospitals stay at the forefront of critical care and ICU in the country.

Why Kauvery

At Kauvery Hospital, we strive to satisfy our patients' requirements and ensure that they receive the greatest medical care and return home safely. We strive hard to maintain the highest standards in the Critical Care and Intensive Care Units by being updated with the most recent technology to assist us provide professional treatment. Our Department of Critical Care & ICU works tirelessly with unflinching dedication and coordinated collaboration. Overall, ours is the best ICU hospital in Bengaluru.


Critical Care and ICU Treatments and Procedures

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