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Ear Infection in Kids

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Ear Infection in Kids

Wednesday, 1 March, 2023

Ear infection commonly affects the middle ear or the space behind the eardrum. Medically, this sudden infection is termed ‘Acute otitis media’.

An ear infection usually occurs when bacteria or virus infects the ear. Consequently, fluid builds up behind the eardrum, leading to swelling or bulging. It also leads to severe pain. Ear infections can also be triggered when a child gets affected by the common cold.

Let's get to know how to detect ear infections in children so that immediate assistance can be provided. Take the child for an appointment with our expert professionals at Kauvery Hospitals for immediate assistance and relief.

Why does a child suffer from an ear infection?

Children are more likely to suffer from an inside ear infection, primarily due to two reasons:

  • If their immune system is underdeveloped, then the WBCs are unable to fight through the infection.
  • Children have a smaller Eustachian tube that traps fluid, and it becomes quite difficult to drain it out

Symptoms of Ear Infection

Being one of the best Paediatric Hospitals in Bangalore, our team of experts at Kauvery Hospitals state that the most common sign of an ear infection is unbearable pain in the ears. Very often when children are unable to explain the pain, and just say that their ear is hurting, instead of ignoring them, as a parent, you must inspect the condition as it could be an infection.

Other than this, you must look out for signs, such as -

  • Tugging ear
  • Crying constantly
  • Constant irritation in the ears
  • Fluid draining from the ears
  • Difficulty in sleeping
  • Unable to hear or respond
  • Loss of balance while walking

Often these symptoms are accompanied by fever, pus-like discharge from ears, or even blood oozing out of the ear.

Treatment for Ear Infection in Children

It is always advised to seek help from our professional paediatric experts at Kauvery Hospitals in case of an inside ear infection. The best way to treat an infection is to provide the patient with antibiotics.

Other than this, to get relief from the pain, for the time being, certain remedies can be followed at home, such as:

  • Use a cold pack or warm compression on the ear of the child. The cold pack should be used only in the outer region of the year for at most 20 minutes. If the cold pack is unable to alleviate the pain, then use warm compression.
  • Always provide the child with cold fluids. The child must stay hydrated, as dehydration can worsen the conditions.
  • If the child's age is less than 2 years, then keep the child's head elevated. However, it is advised not to use a pillow.
  • Monitor if there is a pus discharge, then consult with a doctor and ask about the medicines that you must provide to initiate the treatment process.

Visit the Doctor on Time

Children are most susceptible to infections. If you notice that the fever lasts for more than 2 days even after providing antibiotics, or if the discharge from the ear has not stopped yet, then you must consult our top Pediatric Hospital in Bangalore, Kauvery Hospitals immediately.


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