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Traumatic Brain Injuries

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Traumatic Brain Injuries

Thursday, 21 December, 2023

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs) are a significant public health concern, affecting individuals of all ages and backgrounds. These injuries can result from various accidents and incidents, often causing long-lasting consequences for the affected person and their loved ones.

What is a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBIs)?

A Traumatic Brain Injury occurs when an external mechanical force is applied to the head. These injuries can be categorized as mild, moderate, or severe, depending on the intensity of the external force. Regardless of severity, TBIs can lead to temporary or permanent damage to brain cells, affecting physical, cognitive, and psycho-social functions.

Causes of Traumatic Brain Injuries:

Violence: Incidents such as domestic violence, abuse, gunshots, and assaults can result in severe TBIs.

Falls: Accidents like slipping on stairs, falling from ladders, or hitting the head on hard surfaces are common causes of TBIs.

Sports Injuries: Athletic activities, including football, soccer, hockey, and skateboarding, can lead to head injuries due to falls or collisions.

Vehicle-Related Accidents: Road accidents and pedestrian-vehicle collisions can cause traumatic brain injuries.

Assaults: Intentional head injuries from violence.

Penetrating injuries: Objects penetrating the skull and brain.

Explosions or blasts: Military combat or industrial accidents.

Shaken baby syndrome: Severe shaking of an infant or young child.

Workplace accidents: Falls from heights or head injuries due to equipment mishaps.

Symptoms of TBIs can vary depending on the severity of the injury:

Mild TBI Symptoms:

Nausea or vomiting Headache Drowsiness or fatigue Sensitivity to light or sound Concentration and memory problems Mood swings or changes in mood

Moderate-to-Severe TBI Symptoms (in addition to mild TBI symptoms):

Loss of consciousness Dilation of pupils Repeated vomiting Seizures or convulsions Numbness or weakness in extremities Loss of coordination Profound confusion or slurred speech

Preventing Traumatic Brain Injuries:

While accidents can happen, you can take precautions to reduce the risk of TBIs:

Wear Helmets: Use helmets when riding bikes, motorcycles, or engaging in activities with a risk of head injury.

Safety Gear: Wear appropriate safety gear when participating in sports or high-intensity activities.

Be Cautious: Exercise caution when climbing ladders or engaging in physical activities and follow safety guidelines.

Road Safety: Follow traffic rules and use seat belts to minimize the risk of vehicle related TBIs.

Treatment for Traumatic Brain Injuries:

The treatment for TBIs depends on the injury's severity:

Mild Injury: Rest and pain relievers may be sufficient, but close monitoring by a physician is essential, with follow-up visits as needed.

Moderate Injury: Immediate emergency care may be required to ensure oxygen supply to the brain, stabilize blood pressure, and prevent further injury.

Severe Injury: Surgery may be necessary in cases of fractures, open wounds, or life-threatening injuries to minimize additional brain tissue damage.

Traumatic brain injury can be challenging, often leading to complications that affect daily life and relationships. Understanding the causes, symptoms, and available treatments for TBIs is essential in promoting early diagnosis and appropriate care, ultimately improving the prognosis for those affected by these injuries. Always prioritize safety to reduce the risk of traumatic brain injuries in yourself and your loved ones.

We at Kauvery Hospitals have an experienced team of highly qualified and competent neurosurgeons in Bangalore and a high-end technology-equipped facility to treat any case of Traumatic Brain Injury. You can also book an appointment with our neuro experts for a second opinion or for any diagnostic or curative procedure.

Dr. Sridutt Bhadri
Consultant - Neurosurgery
Neurosurgery, Spine Care


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