Childbirth Preparation Classes
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Childbirth Preparation Classes

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You're thrilled to be pregnant, but as the days pass, nervousness could make you edgy. You're unsure how to hold the baby, feed it, or care for it. Don't worry. With our Pre-Natal Childbirth Preparation Classes, we have you covered. These classes will help you prepare to welcome your baby and care for him lovingly.

How Our Classes Are Structured

At Kauvery Hospitals, our experts guide you on life with your baby. We conduct workshops on caring for your baby, breastfeeding, nutrition, and more. We also train your spouse on stem cells and other aspects so that you find parenthood joyful.

Tell our experts a little about your lifestyle, any pre-existing diseases, etc. From this, they will assess your appropriate calorific intake during your pregnancy. We advise you on essential foods to eat during your pregnancy and suggest suitable classes.

Our classes are structured as follows:

Understand Your Body

This course helps you understand what's happening inside you at this stage of your pregnancy. You will get essential tips regarding delivering a healthy baby. Our experts will also suggest some dos and don'ts.

How to Know You're in Labor

It's not uncommon to feel discomfort right through your pregnancy. But how do you know that your baby is coming? Instead of being taken by surprise, prepare for labor. What does this mean?

Join this course to listen to our expert speak on all the steps to take when you're in labor. Don't panic. We're here to help you.

How to Have a Painless Delivery

It's every pregnant woman's dream to have a painless delivery. So, if you too yearn for one, listen in to our experts who will guide you through this beautiful process of childbirth.

Here, you get the complete lowdown on ways to have a painless delivery. By injecting the most effective epidural anesthesia, you will be able to experience the most fantastic event in your life—childbirth.

What to Eat During Pregnancy

Eating right during pregnancy is essential for your baby's growth and development. You need to have a good balance of nutritious food and sufficient fluids. Learn from our expert nutritionist on foods to eat and avoid in each phase of pregnancy.

Lamaze Classes

In this course, you learn to practice healthy birthing techniques. Safe delivery, healthy pregnancy, and a pain-free labor are discussed here.

Breathing Techniques and Mood Swings

Some pregnant women experience shortness of breath, a condition that's both frightening and could be chronic. No worries, at Kauvery Hospitals, our experts will teach you to deal with this.

You might also suffer from mood swings, another natural fallout of pregnancy. So, your male partner will learn to understand why you feel this way and will be given coping strategies.

Lactation Advice

Some of the aspects considered here are how to breastfeed your newborn baby.

Now that you've learnt a lot from our Childbirth Preparation Classes, it's time you create your birth plan. It should be flexible enough for you to change if things go wrong. After all, we can't predict what might go wrong during delivery, so create a plan and do your best for your baby.

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