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High-Risk Pregnancy

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At Kauvery Hospitals, we ensure that you complete a full pregnancy term and deliver a healthy and normal baby. However, suppose your doctor has already diagnosed you as a high-risk pregnant woman who is set to have complications during childbirth. In that case, you will need a special degree of care—something our specialists are adept at providing.

  • Age of the pregnant woman
  • Pregnancy conditions
  • Medical history
  • Lifestyle choices


We diagnose high-risk pregnancies in several ways. Our specialists use the following techniques to identify high-risk pregnancy problems:


Several ultrasounds are taken to diagnose high-risk pregnancies. One of them is a targeted ultrasound,which constructs an image of your baby in the womb. It can find a suspected risk factor.

Blood Test

A complete blood picture can indicate whether you, the mother-to-be, have an underlying problem, such as gestational hypertension. Such a medical problem can put you and your baby at great risk and necessitate constant pre-natal monitoring and long-term treatment.


Performing urine analysis tests during your pregnancy is routine and necessary. These tests check for ketones, sugar, bacteria, protein, and blood cells. From these tests, doctors will know whether you suffer from preeclampsia, UTI, or gestational diabetes.

Why Kauvery?

Women find their pregnancies exciting, but for some, it may be a trying time if the doctor diagnoses them as high-risk pregnancies. This means they need premium-quality diagnostic tests during pregnancy.

Often, normal deliveries can also take a turn for the worse and become high-risk. At Kauvery Hospitals, we offer world-class care for pregnant women with complications. We realize that these problems can be life-threatening for mother and child, so we constantly monitor both, even after childbirth.

Our trained specialists offer comprehensive care and put mother and baby at ease while under treatment. With our constant monitoring, accurate diagnosis, and 24x7 vigil, mothers and babies generally improve within a few days.

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