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Pre-Pregnancy Health Checkup

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Pregnancy can be an exciting time for a woman but comes withadditional responsibilities. To prepare for a baby, you must ensure that you are at your healthiest even before you get pregnant.

This blog will look at some of the most critical health screenings you must undergo before you become pregnant. The first of these is a pre-pregnancy health check-up. It will throw up any problems that could affect a smooth pregnancy, so your doctor can take immediate steps to avoid future problems. This article will explore the importance of this check-up and list the specific tests to take.

Tests to Undergo

Before you are assigned any pre-pregnancy health exams, your doctor will talk to you about your family history, mental and physical health, lifestyle habits, anddaily food intake. Based on your responses, he will ask you to take these tests:

Physical Exam

The doctor will check your blood pressure, height, and weight. Next, he will check the condition of your lungs, heart, and abdomen for evidence of any medical condition that could affect your pregnancy.

Blood Test

Your doctor may also ask for a blood test to check for thalassemia, anemia, immunity to chickenpox, rubella, and herpes, among other diseases. Tests to check the normal functioning of the liver and kidney may also be prescribed.


An Ultrasound of the abdomen can detect cysts or growths in the ovaries. It will also check the size of the uterus and the growth of fibroids.

Gynaecological Exam

The doctor will perform a genital examination to check for any symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases. He will also suggest you undergo a PAP smear test and an HPV test to check for cervical cancer. He might also ask for a pelvic exam to test for tenderness, lumps, or masses.

Dental Check-Up

Have your teeth and gums checked by a dentist before becoming pregnant, or you might have health problems during pregnancy.

Urine Test

If you suffer from a urinary tract infection, it will show up in a urine test. If your urine has traces of sugar, you will have to check for diabetes with a glucose tolerance test.

ECG and 2-D Echo

Based on your clinical examination, your doctor may request an ECG or a 2D Echo.

Genetic Disorder Screening

Your doctor will evaluate your health history and that of your partner. He might then ask for a genetic disorder screening. This will tell him whether you could pass on a genetic disorder like sickle cell disease to your unborn baby.

After you have all the reports in hand, meet with your doctor and ask him any questions you may have.

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