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Breastfeeding Support

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Some mothers find breastfeeding challenging because of the time and effort involved. Many young mothers need a group or community of like-minded moms to get through it.

An opportunity for new mothers is to join a breastfeeding group that offers assistance with breastfeeding techniques, understanding the need for breastfeeding and the importance of speaking up about any challenges as soon as they arise.

Problems Women Face

Mothers often complain that they find breastfeeding painful and difficult, so they resort to feeding their babies formula food.

However, this isn't the right path to take as by resorting to formula food, mothers deprive their babies of the most nutritious baby food, mother's milk.

Besides, women take to formula food since they are misled into believing that it is best. The truth, however, is far from this. At birth and soon after, babies' digestive systems are still not ready to accept formula milk. If mothers feed them this, they have stomach issues and allergies.

Third, hospitals rarely prepare pregnant women for breastfeeding and day-to-day baby care. At Kauvery Hospitals, we aim to bridge the gap between what young mothers know and what they should know about breastfeeding. We do this through our support sessions and one-on-one chats.

Fourth, sometimes hospital staff wrongly inform women that their breasts don't hold milk. This is false, as all pregnant women have sufficient milk in their breasts to feed their newborns. This kind of information demotivates women, who get turned off from breastfeeding.

Our Achievement

Our subject knowledge has led us to help breastfeeding mothers of premature babies. We have also advised mothers of twins on ways to feed both babies successfully.

Why Kauvery?

Being a new mother, you will learn the need for patience. You and your baby need to get used to each other, and that happens only with time. Our trained and experienced staff will take you through all that you need to know to successfully breastfeed your baby and have enjoyable experiences with them.

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