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Pregnancy and Delivery

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You Deliver Your Baby, We Deliver Care

As the time grows near your delivery, you turn nervous, irritable, and cranky. You probably can’t understand your behavior, but we, at maa Kauvery, do. Our many years of experience assisting in birthing has taught us that this behavior is normal.

Our team of specialists in pregnancy and delivery will always be by your side. This team comprises obstetricians and neonatal care specialists. Some members of this team also specialize in high-risk pregnancies.

So, no matter how your delivery goes, we have you covered. Our team is alert to provide you with the best and most suitable pregnancy services according to your needs. We offer the most comfortably priced packages that take cover all your needs.

Our Services, Your Birthright

Labor and Delivery

We know that these are special moments in your life where you need to be comfortable for a healthy and safe delivery. Our experienced mothercare team takes excellent care of you, so don’t worry.

We ensure that you’re in a safe and hygienic environment at delivery time. You might opt for normal delivery or perhaps a Caesarean section. Whatever your choice, our experienced team will offer the best care for a smooth delivery. Rest, relax, and leave the rest to us.

Prenatal Care and Testing

During pregnancy, we provide wide-ranging support, with our team of obstetrics, gynecologists, high-risk doctors, and nurses in attendance. You get the entire prenatal care range, including diagnostic tests, neonatal specialty care, and modern imaging.

Newborn Intensive Care

Our neonatal nursing staff has all the experience to deal with untoward pregnancy-related incidents. They work 24x7 to provide the best care, particularly in emergencies. Whether you come to us for your first delivery or a subsequent one, we take the best care of you. Mothers remember us for our personalized services, which make new mothers feel safe and comfortable.

Even before you book your delivery with us, we can take you around our center to see the facilities and meet your carers. This is a no-obligation guided tour, which we will be happy to provide you with.

We work like family in this department so you don’t miss home at such a critical phase in your life. We’ve been there too, so we know how you feel.

Please drop by for a tour of the place and meet our friendly and efficient staff. And remember, we’ll make it easy for you.

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