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Anaesthesiology Treatments and Procedures

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Anaesthesiology Treatments and Procedures

At Kauvery Hospitals, Bengaluru, many people with different health concerns are treated under one roof. We have highly efficient physicians supported by specially-trained staff to provide foremost effective care. Our anaesthesiologists use safe, most advanced and patient-focused techniques to cater to the necessities of the patient. We have got an awfully skilled anaesthesiologist team with years of experience.

Here are the types of Anaesthesia we provide at Kauvery:

General anaesthesia

General anaesthesia, sometimes referred to as a state of controlled unconsciousness, is a surgical procedure in which you are rendered unconscious and pain-free by a mix of medicines administered either intravenously or by anaesthetic gases.

Local anaesthesia

Local anaesthetic is used to temporarily numb a small area of the body to be operated on. The patient is generally conscious but not in pain or discomfort.

Regional /Epidural anaesthesia

Generally used during lower-body procedures such as Caesarean sections, although it can also be used to relieve post-operative discomfort. This approach is used for larger or deeper body operations for instance, epidural or spinal anaesthesia or nerve block anaesthesia and involves the injection of local anaesthetics to numb a specific section of the body for pain relief, allowing surgical procedures to proceed.


Sedation is the use of modest quantities of anaesthetic to generate a drowsy condition. This method, also known as conscious sedation, can be used with a local or regional anaesthetic for a treatment such as an endoscopy.

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