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Dermatology Treatments and Procedures

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Dermatology Treatments and Procedures

Our range of treatments and procedures for skin problems extends from skin infections to Botox and laser therapies. You can avail of the following remedies at Kauvery Hospitals:

Alopecia Management

Alopecia or hair loss can be due to various reasons - genetic, aging process, and hormonal or medical changes. Doctors treat patients for alopecia by giving them corticosteroid injections, ointments, or oral medicine.

Hair Transplant

Hair transplant surgery or hair restoration surgery is a surgical procedure that restores hair on the head of a balding patient. Generally, hair is taken from the nape of a donor site and transferred to the balding patient’s head.

Contact Dermatitis

This itchy rash occurs when sensitive skin connects with irritable substances. A skin allergy results, though not contagious. Steroid creams, and oral and skin medication are the best treatments for this skin condition.

Prevention and Cure of Skin Infections

Doctors advise the following four-step method to prevent skin infections:

  • Hands must be washed thoroughly.
  • Cuts, scrapes, wounds, or insect bites should be washed immediately.
  • Personal hygiene items like razors, towels, soap, etc should not be shared with others.
  • Keep distance from those with skin infections.
Prevention, Cure, and Management of Various Skin Disorders

At Kauvery Hospitals, skin disorders are treated, cured, and managed using simple measures, such as using wet wipes, not smoking or drinking, not scratching affected skin, keeping wounds covered, etc. For these and related treatments, we are considered the best skin hospital in Bangalore.

Prevention of Acne, Skin Tags, Removal of Wrinkles

We carry out diagnostic tests and cosmetic procedures for patients wanting to get rid of skin tags and wrinkles removal. Electrocautery is done for such patients who are admitted into the hospital’s ICU. For acne prevention, benzoyl peroxide as a face wash, retinoids in the form of skin cream, and Isotretinoin as an oral retinoid. Hormone therapy is also advised.

Treatment for Psoriasis

We advise psoriasis patients to use steroid creams for the inflammation; moisturizers to get rid of dry skin, and coal-tar shampoos and lotions for itch relief.

Treatment for Warts

For treatment of warts, we advise salicylic acid, cryotherapy or wart freezing, electrocautery or burning the wart, and laser treatment. Immunotherapy is also advised.

Botox Therapy

Botox therapy is an invasive treatment method to reduce facial wrinkles, horizontal lines on the forehead, crow’s feet, and Glabellar lines. It retards the formation of new fine lines and wrinkles by preventing facial muscles from contracting.

Laser therapy

As the best dermatologist hospital in Bangalore, we use laser therapy to remove hair, excessive sweating, pigmented lesion removal, skin resurfacing, spider veins, stretch marks, red scars, acne spots, and scar revision.

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