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Hand Surgery Treatments and Procedures

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Hand Surgery Treatments and Procedures

The Department of Orthopaedics and Hand Surgery at Kauvery Hospitals deliver a wide range of speciality services related to joints, bones and muscles. Our team are experts in precisely diagnosing the disease condition and guiding them towards the right treatment options. Our team are trained to address tendon or arthritis problems using both surgical and non-surgical techniques.

Here are the services offered by the Department of Hand Surgery:

Localized injections

Numbing medicine is injected into the site of surgery. There are various local anaesthetic medications that last for a certain duration of time. Sometimes the surgeon asks the patient to make any movement of the hand or fingers to check the tension on a tendon repair.

Hand therapy

For the patients having hand issues, we have a team of certified hand therapists who offer specialized care. Hand surgeons may work closely with the hand therapists. These hand therapists treat the conditions like tendon repair, nerve repair etc.


There are two types of splints provided for patients who are having hand issues. Wrist and hand splints. These are used to provide support for swollen, weak, and painful joints and their surrounding structures. They are specially designed to position your hands and wrist correctly.

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