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Internal Medicine Treatments and Procedures

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Internal Medicine Treatments and Procedures

We, Kauvery Hospitals, take a pride by being one of the best family hospitals. Our consultants are available round-the-clock to meet the needs of the patients. Our Department of Internal medicine specializes in the care and treatment of health issues across all ages. They help in fast diagnosis of the problem and guide you towards the best treatment.

Comprehensive OPD

There are few illnesses, which do not require any hospital admission, but the patient might still need access to a doctor’s consultation, diagnosis, healthcare facilities etc. In such cases, patients opt for outpatient departments for any minor injuries or illnesses.

Preventive Healthcare

An umbilical catheter is placed for an infant which allows the blood to be taken from the baby to avoid repeated usage of needle sticks.

Vaccination clinic

Vaccination clinics are setup with enhanced safety precautions. Focus clinics are setup to serve fewer people more efficiently and to reduce the risk of exposure for staff and patients.

Preventive Medicine

Our Internal Medicine physicians helps patients to better understand the disease and develop prevention strategies.

Diabetes control

For diabetes control, physicians perform certain procedures to monitor glucose and insulin levels.

Infection Control

Certain measures are taken for infection control like hand hygiene, using masks, gloves and following standard precautionary measures to reduce the risk of transmission.

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