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Nephrology Treatments and Procedures

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Nephrology Treatments and Procedures

The Nephrology department provides treatment and guidance through effective rehabilitation and lifestyle management.

Some of the diagnosed diseases are:

Treatment for Acute Kidney Injury (AKI)

An abrupt decline in renal function can cause an increase in nitrogenous waste, and is diagnosed through a blood test or an ultrasound.

Congenital Kidney disorders

Disorders that stem right from birth and are detected through ultrasound scans and blood tests.

Poly-cystic kidney disease

A disorder where clusters of cysts cause kidneys to lose function over time. Medication reduces the growth of the cysts.

Kidney Stone Management

A kidney stone is the crystallization of various salts and minerals in the kidneys, and is removed through medication, surgery, or shockwave scans.

Emergency Dialysis for poisons

This extracorporeal treatment involves the removal of toxins and damaging minerals from the body through dialysis. Fluids and solutes are removed or added to the blood outside the body, as needed.

Haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis

Haemodialysis is the process by which blood is pumped out of the body to an artificial kidney to filter. During the peritoneal dialysis, waste exits the body utilizing a cleansing fluid known as dialysate.

Hypertension Management

Experts help navigate to a healthier alternative and management of salt intake. In order to qualify, patients must not have high blood pressure or an unhealthy lifestyle.

CKD Patient Management

Patients with chronic kidney disease must make lifestyle changes to prevent further kidney damage and reduce the risk of heart disease. The Hospital offers intensive emergency care to address chronic kidney failure in patients, counselling families in addition to the patients.

CKD Patient rehab and lifestyle management

Renal rehabilitation emphasizes the importance of lifestyle changes in patients with kidney diseases. These changes may include nutrition supplements, a healthier lifestyle, and anaemia management.

CRRT Plasmapheresis

Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT) is a slow, outside-body blood purification. Plasmapheresis (PPH) can rapidly and effectively remove toxins from the blood.

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