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Human minds are an enigma that we are still trying to figure out and in recent years, there has been tremendous developments in our understanding of various psychiatric disorders. Even so, it is always difficult to get help for psychiatric disorders because of the stigma and shame that come with it and in some cases, this may end up in very severe consequences. The Department of Psychiatry at Kauvery Hospital offers comprehensive, advanced treatment for various psychiatric illnesses that affect the smooth functioning of the day to day life. What we offer is a safe space where patients can get the psychiatric help they deserve with utmost compassion and care. Our team of highly qualified psychiatrists and staff with years worth experience in treating psychiatric issues are ready to offer their services in diagnosis, consultation, and development of well strategized and customized treatment plans to help our patients lead a happy and satisfying life.

Infrastructure & Technology

Kauvery Hospital has made available to its psychiatry department a safe, warm, and robust medical infrastructure and latest technology to provide out patients with the best psychiatric care in Bengaluru.


The area of Psychiatry is developing at a rapid pace and so is our department. To enable the most efficient care to our patients, we are always one step ahead whether it’s in technology or medical expertise and we will continue to move forward, forging our own path.

Why Kauvery

No Stigma No Shame

When it comes to psychiatric disorders, a lot of hesitancy is shown by the patients in seeing help because of the stigma it carries. Our devoted team of psychiatrists offer their valuable services in the area of psychiatry with utmost gentleness and respect towards the patient so that they will always remain comfortable.

Comprehensive Care

Kauvery Hospital intends to provide holistic psychiatric care so that the treatment will be effective long-term and the probability of relapse would remain the lowest.

Expertise and Experience

Our doctors are well equipped to handle even the most complicated mental health disorders with great success. Confidentiality and advanced care helped along with the latest technology is what we offer to our patients.


Psychiatry Treatments and Procedures

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