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Trauma Care

A trauma centre is an unit that is designed and staffed to care for patients who have suffered significant traumatic injuries such as falls, automobile accidents, or gunshot wounds. A trauma centre may also refer to an emergency unit with specialised resources to care for serious trauma patients.

Kauvery Hospitals , Bengaluru has outstanding fellowship-trained physicians in both emergency and trauma treatments. We have one of the city's largest trauma care departments, with years of expertise treating thousands of patients each year. The trauma care wards are well-equipped with cutting-edge technology to provide treatment ,care and service to patients.

Kauvery Hospitals is staffed with emergency department physicians, trauma clinicians, surgical residents and experienced and skilled nurses who are ready to respond to any medical emergency.

Infrastructure & Technology

Trauma Care at Kauvery Hospitals, Bengaluru provides you global access to advanced healthcare. We adopt high-precision technologies for a world-class healthcare experience. Our exceptional medical experts are here to match our commitment to personalized care.

Why Kauvery

We have top-ranked doctors with years of experience and world-class infrastructure with all the latest technologies to meet patient's requirements. We measure our progress by restoring the hope of a healthy tomorrow to each and every patient. At Kauvery Hospitals, doctors are highly-knowledgeable, compassionate, skilled and will stand by you whenever you need them the most.


Trauma Care Treatments and Procedures

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