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The Department of Urology in Kauvery Hospitals offer comprehensive urology services to diagnose and treat kidney stone disease and other urinary difficulties under one roof and is known across India for its expertise in the treatment of the most complex urology cases. Our highly-qualified physicians are dedicated to providing the finest urological care in the India that is committed to our patients. We have dedicated urological care units at Electronic City.

Our experienced urologists offer state- of-the-art treatment for all urological disorders. Supported by a team of specialist nurses and physician assistants, we ensure patient’s pathway is smooth and the care given is evidence based comparable to any top center in the world.

Our qualified doctors have established a reputation of providing care for medical conditions related to prostate health, Kidney Cancer, Bladder Cancer, Overactive bladder (incontinence), impotence, urinary tract infections, vasectomies, kidney stones and all other urological conditions.

Infrastructure & Technology

Our doctors are working together on leading-edge research and groundbreaking techniques and technologies. Physicians and surgeons use modern diagnostic tests, urodynamics, nuclear scans and image guided biopsies in perfecting and refining many therapeutic and laparoscopic techniques that may offer patients improved outcomes. These techniques are routinely used for many kidney disorders and in removing and transplanting kidneys in live-donor transplants.

Apart from these technological advancements, Kauvery Hospital has:

  • State of the art laboratory services
  • Ultrasound scans with colour Doppler
  • HRCT / MRI
  • Nuclear Imaging – DMSA, Tc99m-DTPA scan
  • Renal Angiogram

Why Kauvery

The Department of Urology at Kauvery Hospital brings to you innovation, technology, and incredibly capable personnel to make your hospital experience easy and stress free. We have been devoted to providing our patients with top-of-the-line care for which we have made available the best infrastructure, top tier lab facilities, and ultramodern medical equipment along with our well sought after, knowledgeable, and experienced doctors. To aid our doctors and to support our patients, we have made available a team of highly qualified and dedicated nurses and technicians. From diagnosis to recovery and rehabilitation, we stand by our patients, providing them access to the best medical care in Bengaluru with the help of our exceptional team.


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