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At Kauvery Hospitals, the department of Pulmonology has advanced diagnostic and therapeutic solutions to a spate of respiratory and chest diseases. The department has an esteemed panel of doctors who are very efficient in handling challenging medical cases related to the lungs. Kauvery Hospitals, Bengaluru is also responsible for the most game-changing milestones in the pulmonology care in India. We offer patients a holistic care for all kinds of lung diseases under one roof.

Infrastructure & Technology

The Department of Pulmonology in Kauvery Hospitals, Bengaluru is well-equipped with a formidable medical and allied professionals who are excellently trained in top institutions and the latest technology which helps in delivering quality care. The high standards of medical care have ensured a dedicated patient base from India as well as other countries. Kauvery Hospital with it’s impressive infrastructure has earned the ranks of being among the few top multi-specialty hospitals in Bengaluru in recent times.

Why Kauvery

At Kauvery Hospitals, Bengaluru, we have experienced and highly-efficient pulmonologists who work with a multidisciplinary approach. Our renowned pulmonologists efficiently perform complicated surgeries.

We have a medical team of one of the best Lung Specialists in Karnataka who are available round-the-clock to serve the patient's needs. Adding to this, our Department of Pulmonology at Kauvery Hospitals ensures topnotch facilities with multidisciplinary support and care for patients who are critically ill. We constantly thrive to maintain highest standards in the Pulmonology Department, updated with the latest and advanced technologies to help us deliver expert healthcare.

Besides, our physicians also promise accurate diagnoses of various rare diseases with advanced technology. In addition to this, all our Departments are maintained so well with high-precision monitoring devices, high standards of infection control measures and advanced equipment. Our team of experts at Kauvery Hospitals, ensure to remain at the forefront of Pulmonology care in the country.


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