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Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery

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Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery

These days, Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeries are evolving at a breakneck speed and Kauvery hospital raises up to meet these ever increasing demands. From reconstructive and reparative surgeries to treat severe damages to the skin to cosmetic surgeries to enhance the aesthetics, we offer a wide array of services in this area. Under the hands of our extremely professional, qualified, and well trained surgeons and staff aided with leading edge technology, we deliver best in line care with great success, enabling us to be the best Plastic Surgery hospital in Banglore. The department offers innovative, highly advanced, and customized care to the patients so that they could leave the hospital with heads held high and smiling.

Infrastructure & Technology

Kauvery Hospital has equipped our professionals with robust, top-tier medical infrastructure and the most advanced technology to meet every aesthetic need of the patient.


The area of Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery is developing at a rapid pace and so is our department. We are the path blazers and are always reaching for new highs.

Why Kauvery

Patient-centric Service

Plastic & Cosmetic surgeries are incredibly personal and Kauvery Hospital provides exceptional service where we meet the needs of the patient with utmost care and respect, delivering excellent results.

Advanced Technology

We make available the best Plastic Surgery Clinic in Banglore equipped with most advanced medical tools and technology. Our surgeons are capable of performing complicated and innovative Plastic & Cosmetic surgeries with efficiency.


Our incredibly capable team of professionals will be with the patient through every step of the way, providing comprehensive, quality care allowing the patient to relax and have a comfortable hospital experience.


Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Treatments and Procedures

The exceptional team of surgeons at Kauvery Hospital offer a number


Expect our call during our standard operational hours (IST 8:00 am - 8:00 pm, Mon - Sat)

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